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Let me introduce myself…

Hi everyone!!

Welcome to my very first blog, I am very new to this as I’m slowly typing this out, I realise how long it has been since I have actually used a laptop,but I will chug on and write up a little blurb all about me and what this blog will be about

A little about me

I’m Kathryn I am 27, will be turning 28 next week, which I cant quite believe as I still feel 18, but the giant deep wrinkle on my forehead reminds me everyday otherwise. 
I am a stay at home mum, I prefer to give myself a more sophisticated job title- which is CEO of  Hendry Headquarters, basically I manage a small team of small people Adam who is 7, Finley who is 1, currently pregnant with baby boy number 3 who is due in March and my husband Daniel who is 28- mental age 16, and is included in the small people category as he is a short man, thinks he is the height of Michael Jordan, but he is not.

So why I have started blogging?

This blog is my an online sanctuary for myself (and hopefully others reading it).
I have found even though my house is super busy, super noisy, I’m on the go all the time it can be a very isolating, stressful experience at times, I’m sure so many people can relate to all those things not just mums.
I hope to build a supportive network with mums and anyone that feels like they don’t have time for themselves, to give each other an online pat on the back and say “Look its ok, sometimes life is bloody hard going, but I know what you’re going through, I hear ya”
I will update on family life with my wonderful boys, experiences of being a stay at home Mum, and the only female in a house of boys (see why I need this blog- I’m outnumbered!!). The great times when things run amazingly and I feel like superwoman,and the not so great times, when the days have been long and tough and I come out feeling and probably looking like The Hulk.

Mummy needs Mummy Time

Life in a super busy household with kids, and all the jobs that come with it the school runs, the nappy changes, the homework’s, making the breakfast, lunch, dinner, singing and doing to actions to wheels on the bus 50 times a day, all the housework, bedtimes (or child’s refusal of bedtime) the list is endless.  When the day is finally over at around 9.30pm!!
 Lately I’ve been too tired to even watch TV, I usually collapse into bed, but that has to change I have to stop feeling like a zombie (and looking like one too) I have to make time for myself, as you cant run on empty. So I will be trying out new methods to help me with relaxing, unwinding and de-stressing from all the chaos, you can read up on what I get up too, how it is helping me and hopefully you can all take some inspiration from it.

So for now I’m going to sign off, enjoy a cuppa and I think there is an big bar of Aero waiting on me too!