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All the emotions Part 1


All the emotions…

OH MY GOSH !! I have been having such an emotional rollercoaster.I feel pretty epic in that a lot of the time things went pretty well, I can pat myself on the back and say “You did great at that”. With that amazing feeling though came the meltdown of all meltdowns, I was drained and worn out,if I could drink right now a bottle of wine would been gone in probably 5 minutes.
I’ll go into my dramatic meltdown soon, I will do another blog post on that – which to be honest was pretty Oscar worthy, I definitely would of won Best Actress in a Leading Role. Anyway I’m waffling so I will start with the positive.

Mummy Win

Since Finley arrived our family dynamic has changed, for 6 years Adam was the only child he had us all to himself and we had finally got some normality back after the baby and toddler years.
Fast forward 6 years later Finley arrived and it has been a bit of shock to the system going back to those baby years, I had obviously mentally blocked out how demanding it is having a baby- rookie error.
Finley is a wonderful little addition to our family we love him to bits, we can’t remember a time he wasn’t here.
Adam loves his little brother more than anything but he is now the eldest not the only and being the eldest is a tough job. He has had to learn that it’s not just him anymore he has to wait sometimes to do the things he wants to do, share his toys as Finley wants to be a big boy and use his toys, sometimes wait to have a chat with me because Finley is going buck daft and screaming.
Adam also understands that babies require a lot of mummy’s time. I’ve always explained that to him, his patience astounds me, its one of the many things I admire about Adam. Although it doesn’t stop that mum guilt from creeping in and some days it’s feels like all Adam seems to do is go to school, come home, do homework eat dinner and then it’s bedtime.

Just the two of us

Adam and Mummy time had to make top of the list of must do’s just us no one else. I have to be realistic too, I can’t do hours on end of expensive days out plus that’s not what it’s about, it’s about having a chat and spending time together.
We have decided that every Saturday morning even if it’s just for half and hour we go for hot chocolate, we have started our own tour to find the best in Northern Ireland. We are tough judges there needs to be a flake and marshmallows for a start!! 
No phones, no baby brother, no nintendo ds (oh the horror) and we chat, about his week how school is going anything he wants to talk about I’m listening with no distractions or interruptions. 
 It was bliss and the hot chocolate was amazing too!! His smile, his body language, his constant giggling and all his chat he was having a wonderful time too.
It made me realise he needs one on one time too just as much as Finley.
Although Adam is nearly 8 and is a big boy he is still just a kid who needs his mum all to himself at times. I also need his company too- just him, after all for so long it was just Adam and we have such a strong bond I never want that to ever go.  I hope that even when he’s a big grown man he will still meet his Mum on a Saturday morning for hot chocolate, I’m sure his future partner will just love the demanding mum-in-law.

Look out for part 2…

For now I’m going to sign off and make a cuppa, hope you enjoyed our little adventure, if you do special activities/days out with your little ones what do you get up to? I would love hear about it. 
I will make part 2 of this post about the tougher days I had to deal with in the world of parenting and how I have been coping with the harder parts of motherhood.

Sending good vibes your way