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The Mum Diet
So I’m nearly a year and half into “the mum diet” – simple to follow really , live on children’s left overs, half a potato waffle here the odd bit of babybel there yum yum, sneak into kitchen cupboards, stuff biscuits into mouth every hour or so. I honestly think my blood type is Maryland cookies, oh and throw in some bucket loads of coffee in to the mix too.

It needs to stop ! I need to be eating a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner due the fact by around 3 in the afternoon I crash with a giant thud, my stress levels have been up, I’m 30 weeks pregnant.
I need to take better care of myself, after all the kids and the husband get treated like kings why am I not looking after myself?

Finley’s Happy Hour
Around 3 o’clock everyday my energy takes a nose dive, Finley must sense I’m flagging, that’s when Finley strikes with  “happy hour” basically this when he decides to cry, lie on the floor crying, and cling to my leg while cooking the dinner. I honestly don’t know what the hell gets into him.
Walking about with a baby attached to my leg while cooking dinner in a zombie state just doesn’t cut it anymore.
I need to make a change to get organised, fuel up and eat better for my body AND my mind. Fuel up on actual food not snack size mars bars which I’ve realised when you eat 3 it’s no longer snack size it’s this packet was meant to be for everyone to share size.


So I went on a mission to get organised, I needed a planner you see I’m a BIG fan of lists, so much so I write lists of lists, I popped to Paperchase which is like my Disneyland all those planners, sticky notes list books AMAZING!! 
 I bought a weekly planner – that’s sticks on the fridge !!! Oh my days the excitement!!
 **note to self- will read back on this blog post and realise how sad this is** 
 But right now in my world this makes me happy.

I rummaged through all my recipe books, searched online and sat everyone down to help with suggestions, I had make sure everyone was happy with the choices- I was not going to all this effort for someone to turn round and say they didn’t like it don’t do the whole cooking four different meal thing, one is a job  enough- thanks.
Cheap and Cheerful

I needed realistic wholesome cheap meals, it is January after all times are hard, I’m skint and saving for my dream Mulberry Bayswater bag (one day, it will happen I know it!) with Adam being a bit of a fussy eater it can be sometimes hard to win him over.
We aren’t going to be living of steaks nor am I Pintrest mum I don’t have time to be standing making my own buckwheat bread, I need quick, easy and cheap but something other than pasta and pesto, or as I was eating- toast and cold leftovers.

Planning it all out

Time consuming yes – it’s hard to think of what I would fancy to eat for dinner the following Wednesday when it’s the Friday before and I’m bloody exhausted just wanting my bed. 
But this needed sorted I reluctantly forced Daniel away from watching the football the bossy wife that I am, and I made us both get organised, but once we did it felt great .
The meals I rounded up from books and online are healthy and cheap we usually have plenty leftover as I measure pasta like I’m feeding the 5000 so its a win all round!!

Totally feeling like Nigella
It felt great sitting down and actually eating a proper dinner and I felt like Nigella sashaying around my kitchen.
I also found I wasn’t crashing into bed at 8pm exhausted, I actually had a little bit of energy to sit up and enjoy a bit of my evening with a cuppa and catch up on TV !
With baby number 3 arriving its a great feeling being a little more organised.
The big shop/ what are we having for tea scenario was always so stressful, I dreaded dinner time because it was SO disorganised and I don’t cope well with that I stress and become an ogre.
Taking just a little time out and being a mean wife forcing the husband away from the telly to get organised really has helped, I’m haven’t been feeling like a grumpy cow making the tea. 

It’s important to fuel up!                                      

I realised I need to make it priority in my daily routine to actually stop, sit and eat just like I would do if I was in the staff room at work, sounds so silly but I think us mums get so consumed looking after the kids, the washing, the cooking we neglect ourselves.
I was neglecting myself for sure and it was taking its toll, I knew I had been super grumpy and beyond exhausted lately.

Having filling meals in my tummy geared me up for the busy day ahead.
I need all the energy I can get, especially looking after a hyper 1 year old the energy levels of Mr Tumble are required.

Still love my biscuits….
 I just need to work on my snack situation sorted, fruit just doesn’t excite me at all.

I do try but the bad stuff always wins my vote, that’s something I can work on but for now I’m pretty impressed with the improvements I’ve made. 
I’m no health guru or expert far from it, I’m just a mum who was neglecting herself a bit and living off my children’s scraps, but this one simple change has made me feel so much better physically and mentally. Hope some of this comes in handy for you too.

For now I’m going to sign off and chill out in front of the telly

If you wondering about what dinner’s we made, here they are they got the thumbs up from everyone, and they are all super easy, cheap and quick to make.
Happy Mummy, Happy Family


Monday- Veggie Curry
Tuesday- Tomato Risotto
Wednesday-Tuna Pasta Bake
Thursday- Chilie Con Carne
Friday- Pitta Pizza
Saturday- Diet Coke Chicken
Sunday- Leftovers or Freezer Dinner

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  1. Any chance of posting the recipes. Although Im not a stay at home mum. I work very long hours and have a very physical job which leaves me exhausted. These sound great.

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