Hooray..its my birthday..just a week later!

Soooo I spent my 28th birthday cleaning vomit off a car seat. The joys of parenthood eh? Oh and have you ever tried to clean a car seated that has been vomed on? Bloody impossible.
 Anyway Finley unfortunately got sick on my birthday so the plans we did have – basically birthday cake, out for coffee pampering myself, relaxing, you know the nice things in life were scrapped. What then followed was the week from hell. 

Velcro Baby 
It was a tough week with Finley, he of course can’t help being poorly. I felt so sorry for him not only did he vomit, he was cutting giant back teeth and got a nasty cold and cough – all at once. All week he was so unsettled lets just say there was a lot of tears- from the both of us.
It did take its toll we were all worn out.
Finley wouldn’t let me out of his sight, would not sleep for very long, night time sleep was totally disrupted the cot was an absolute no go.
 I just wanted some alone time and a hot cup of tea in peace even for 10 minutes.
 I also felt total mum guilt regarding Adam I hadn’t checked his homeworks all week which is TERRIBLE!! Let alone be able to sit and talk to him.
Daniel and I were literally just passing each other on the stairs, or catching glimpses of each other around the house here and there.
I almost forgot what he looked like at one point so the Hendry household this week was a very unwell, tired and grumpy one. 

Still learning 
That’s parenthood though isn’t it? One unpredictable experience. 
Plans gets scrapped, routine goes awol, the kids get sick and sometimes things are just totally out of your control. 
I’m still learning how to stay calm in these situations and not get too upset or stressed as I know it is just a phase and it WILL pass. That’s the important thing to remember those bad days do pass and soon enough normality is restored again. 

Celebrating a little later.. 
So I did all the nice things for my birthday the weekend after which is kind of better anyway  as in my head I stayed a little bit younger for a little bit longer. 

Friday I finally got my birthday cake 5 days later. It was no surprise at all that it was a chocolate caterpillar cake, that’s the cake most adults have when celebrating a birthday isn’t it? It is the one Daniel and I buy each other every year. I’m not complaining though as it was super yummy, that caterpillar cake ticks all the boxes. 
Since I was the birthday girl I got my favourite bit which is the caterpillars bum-  its my favourite bit because it has loads of extra chocolate and I enjoyed every bite with an actual hot cup of tea.
I know, I know, rock and roll but at 31 weeks pregnant cake and tea on a Friday night makes me VERY happy!

Saturday I met up for breakfast with my lovely friends  Emma and Lauren. I’ve known these girls about 4 years we met through work. They never fail to make me feel good, we always have such a laugh, they are great friends to have, I’m very lucky.
It was lovely to get out and talk to other adults! Not just adults but girls!
 Being outnumbered by boys in this house, sometimes I forget there is a world of chat about makeup, eyebrow waxing, and just girly gossip.
It was just what I needed.
 We had pancakes, bacon and maple syrup totally forgot to take a pic as I had it inhaled in about 3 minutes flat!
Afterwards Daniel and I managed to sneak in a coffee and some buns while Finley napped in his buggy! That was a cheeky bonus to the day. We haven’t done that is ages. It was fantasticto have a chat, relax and watch the world go by for little part of the day.

Sunday  The day started off brilliantly as Finley had a fantastic sleep and slept until 7.30am.Daniel and I could not believe it.  The extra little sleep we had made us both very hyper, so hyper in fact we decided to head out early. We packed Finley a lunch of very nutritious jam sandwiches and went for a lovely winter walk around Botanic Gardens. 

Finley had a ball running around a big muddy open green space, chasing every dog he seen and pointing at the aeroplanes.  It is wonderful to watch him explore nature and the world around him he is so excited about everything. 
It was bitterly cold, Finley refuses to wear a hat and gloves but the Ulster Museum is beside the park, so we headed inside to get warmed up, eat jam sandwiches and see some dinosaurs.
In the 20 minutes we were there Finley managed to attempt to demolish a display, then ran full speed into a glass cabinet.
This shouldn’t of been funny, but it was like a scene from a cartoon, it happened before my eyes in slow motion. I knew what was going to happen but there was absolutely nothing I could of done but to watch the carnage unfold.
After causing a scene and lots of noise we left with Finley sporting a lovely red bump.
We headed home blasted the heating and had a relaxing afternoon.
Adam came back from his Daddy’s house around 6pm, we left Daniel in charge of putting Finley to bed and headed out for hot chocolate. We chatted about school, lego and fire breathing dragons. He loved dipping the marshmallows into his hot chocolate so they went all gooey.
It was a perfect way to end a fantastic belated birthday weekend.