Adam turns 8- Interview with the birthday boy!

Adam turned the big 8 on the 12th of February. A weekend of celebrations was kick started with Daniel and Adam going to the cinema to see Sing- Adam said it was brilliant and really funny !
On their way home they grabbed a big pizza, we celebrated with a family party tea followed by musical statutes.  
I made top hats, Minecraft jelly ( green jelly cut into squares) and for the cake, I just put some Minecraft plastic characters that Adam has on top of a chocolate cake and TA DA- instant Minecraft cake.

What I rustled together for his birthday wasn’t expensive and was super easy. 
There’s so much ‘mum pressure’ out there to come up with show stopping master pieces that take days to prepare and cost a fortune. 
I’m no Mary Berry, I also don’t have hours and hours to prepare millions of buns and cakes.
It may not of been Pinterest worthy but Adam was impressed and everything was scoffed with huge smiles and lots of giggles, he loved it so that’s a win to me. 
Now I could write a whole 50 page post all about how wonderful  this little dude is.
I’ve wrote my soppy mummy birthday message on my Instagram and Facebook page.  I’m sure when he’s a super cool 15 year old he will be so embarrassed by it.
Instead for the blog,  I thought it would be super nice to do a birthday interview with the main man himself.
We had a lot of fun doing this together he was very excited to be the first person I have interviewed for my blog!
I think this will be fantastic for Adam to be able to read years on what his thoughts were the year he turned 8 years old.
Mummy: What do you hope you will get to do before your next birthday?
Adam:      Go to Disneyland and give Mummy 1000 hugs, I will try and keep count.
Mummy:  If you could have one wish what would it be?
Adam:      To have clones of me, so my clone’s could go to school instead of me.

Mummy:  Who is your favourite person in the whole world?
Adam:       Mummy, of course.

Mummy:   What is your best memory of the year?
Adam:        Finley being able to chase me.

Mummy:  What are you really good at?
Adam:       Making Finley laugh and Maths.

Mummy:   Who is your biggest hero?
Adam:        Mummy, because you are the best person in the world.
Looks like for now he is a total Mummy’s boy, wonder how many more years I have of being his hero? Also looks like I have to get started on saving for Disneyland!

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