What’s in my hospital bag?

I am now 36 weeks pregnant so the time has come for me to get my hospital bag packed.
All this packing has filled me with excitement! It feels like I’m packing for a few nights away in a spa resort.
I have my lovely new jammies, toiletries and cosy new socks.
Reality hits me as I pack the industrial sized maternity pads and breast pads, it’s not a spa I’m going to it’s maternity ward. 
It’s where after 9 months of- let’s face it my body being pretty amazing growing a human. Along with backache, shitty dry hair, spot breakouts  hormonal outbursts, veiny legs, and looking like a beached whale. I will meet our beautiful baby boy and that’s exciting! 

This is my third hospital bag but that doesn’t make me an expert in any way, it’s just made me realise I don’t need to pack the whole house AND the kitchen sink.
JUST the essentials. Let’s have a nosey in my bag.. 
Mummy’s Items

Clothing Items

Button Front Nightdresses –
For labour (I always get a few sizes bigger for extra comfort)

Soft stretchy Jammies-
For after labour/ when visitors arrive.

Dressing Gown

Socks/ Grippy Socks/Slippers.

Maternity Bras

Big Black Briefs-
I get a few sizes larger the BIGGER the BETTER, comfort is everything. I just bought cheap ones from Primark, so if they need thrown away its no big deal.

Spare Outfit-
If I fancy out of jammies for a bit, I’ve packed vest tops, soft loose trousers and a lose top.

Going home outfit-
Comfy top, maternity leggings and comfy shoes.

Toiletries/Bodily Care

Maternity Pads

Breast Pads



Face Wash

Face Cloth

Body Wash-
I have packed my all time favourite one from Sanctuary Day Spa, A little treat for myself to look forward to.


Lips can get super dry when using gas and air.




Travel Straighteners

Hand sanitiser

Old dark towel/old dark wash cloth-
Sometimes the first few showers can be a little messy, but I love bringing my own towels wherever I go for comfort. I’ve made sure to pack an old dark one.

A few items such as BB cream and mascara.
Other Items


Lavender Oil/Spray-
To help me feel relaxed

The last few times in hospital I was super hungry. Giving birth is like running a marathon! I’m packing some cereal bars, crisps, mints, peppermint teabags (to help my tummy afterwards) and of course some naughty chocolate bars.

Big bottle of water

For drinking, incase stretching and trying to swig from a cup or bottle during labour or after is too sore.

Plastic bag for laundry

Phone chargers

Magazines/ Music/Headphones- 
Just in case there is some waiting around.

White Noise app- 
Downloaded on my phone for baby.

Spare Clothes for Daniel- 
Incase Dan’s clothes get messy during labour. Or he has been sitting about all day, I have packed Dan T-shirt and joggers.
Baby’s Item’s

Baby Grows-
Short sleeve and long sleeve you can never have too many, I have packed 5 of each.

Muslin Cloths-
 x 5, Like the baby grows can never have too many.



I know some hospitals don’t really like you using wipes, but I’m being a rebel and  bringing some fragrance free ones. As that’s what I will be using at home.

Going home outfit- Something cute, but comfortable.


Baby Socks

I have packed 2. A warmer fleecy blanket and a thin stretchy one blanket for swaddling.

Car Seat
For immediately after birth, instead of Daniel or the midwife faffing through my bag to find the baby’s items. In a labelled, zip lock bag I have put a short sleeve baby grow, a long sleeve baby grow and a nappy. This also means I’m not screaming at Daniel about where things are in between getting high on gas and air.
I think that is me pretty sorted.  If I pack anything else last minute I will make sure to add it on to my list here.
I would love to know what you mums brought with you in your hospital bag , or item’s you wish you brought.

Kathryn x

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  1. Great list Kathryn! I've got the baby's bag sorted (minus a blanket that's still being knitted) so just need to go to primark and stock up on my throw away items! xx

  2. Thankyou!!! How exciting you have your bag prepared too!!! Yes just get cheap comfy things and if hey get ruined it's no big deal comfort is everything!!!! Xoxox

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