Hugo has Arrived- Birth Story

Hi everyone.
Little Hugo arrived on the 18th March 2017,  weighing in at 7lb 2oz and he is just wonderful! 
I thought I would share my birth story, it’s not that long as Hugo’s labour was a ridiculously quick 30 minutes. Yes he literally flew out but I do apologise if I ramble on. 
I hope you enjoy reading all about my third and final experience of labour. 
A quick bit about my labour history. With Adam (my eldest), it was back to back labour my pain relief was remeventolin (I think that’s how it is spelt) which I found great, but labour slowed down and I ended up with emergency section.
With Finley it was very quick, arrived at hospital 6cm, he was born an hour later with the help of some forceps didn’t have time for pain relief just gas and air. I was really pleased as I was hoping for a successful VBAC! So I have had a mixed bag of experiences with labour.
Hugo’s Birth Story
The morning of the 18th March I said to Daniel ” I don’t want to go anywhere today” which isn’t like me especially at the weekends.  I love to be out and about with the boys. In hindsight it was probably my body trying to tell me “don’t you dare go anywhere as this baby is going to fly out ” 
All day I felt “funny” the kind of feeling you would have when your period is due, also very tired and from time to time I would get slight cramping in my tummy and a dull throbbing pain in my back. From my last 2 pregnancies I have realised that the throbbing backpain is my main sign that labour is on its way. 
In the afternoon I rested up in bed, drank tea, ate chocolate and took it easy. By about 8 o’clock at night during Ant and Dec’s Saturday night takeaway (that is how crazy my Saturday night’s are), the cramping got more intense, not unbearable but the backache was a little stronger.  I was getting some contractions although I’m terrible at trying to count them and they weren’t in any pattern, I said to Daniel it must be braxton hicks and then they went away. 

Time to Go to Hospital
 We watched the rest of Take Away, ate our weight in chocolate then around  9.00pm Dan and I decided to head to bed – to sleep of course!! As we had been up from 5am with Finley (typical). 
I started to get very uncomfortable when trying to get to sleep and noticed my back pain was getting more intense I was tossing and turning. 

I got up to go to the toilet, as I was walking I felt pressure and heaviness down below and I knew something was happening. 

With all my boy’s my waters have never broke, my contractions are never in a pattern they seem to roll on top of each other or be all over the place just like braxton hicks, I have never had a show. So my body doesn’t give me much of a warning. 
At 10pm I woke Daniel up and said “I think we have to go to the hospital”. Even though it was my third, I still wasn’t sure.

I rang the hospital and told them I thought I was in labour,or that labour was on its way. I explained how my last labour was quick, they basically said I know my own pain threshold and if I want to go up to ring back.

So I paced about for 15 more minutes, by this stage I could not stand fully straight and the waves of pain kept coming.

I knew I had to go and quick. Daniel rang his mum to come as Finley was asleep, but the intensity had went up a few notches. I was in pain and starting to panic as deep down I knew this baby was coming. 

Walking like John Wayne
I couldn’t wait on Daniel’s mum even though she was only going to be 20 minutes. I got Daniel to ring me a taxi and said he could just meet me at hospital as soon as his mum arrived at our house.
I got a taxi super quick grabbed my bags, luckily I only live 5 min drive from the hospital.
To be fair as soon as I said to the taxi man “I think I’m in labour” he put his foot down and drove that car like Lewis Hamilton.
I arrived at maternity got out of the the taxi,  had to kick open my own door and get my own bags- thank you Mr taxi man, such a gentleman. I walked like John Wayne up to the doors, and they were LOCKED! They wouldn’t bloody open, as it was 11 at night but there was no security man or anyone about. Luckily someone came and opened the side door. 
Went straight to the emergency maternity room, where I got flashbacks as this is exactly the same thing happened with Finley. I was in agony, I think they knew as soon as they saw me that I was in full swing labour. By this stage I couldn’t even stand,  with each contraction I was doubled over or else leaning on the midwife pushing her down by her shoulder’s (sorry about that) . 

They got me up on to the bed for an examination, when the midwife examined me she couldn’t feel my cervix as my waters were bulging in front, she thought I was 4cm,  I said I couldn’t be 4cm no way! She couldn’t feel how dilated I was.  I must say her examining me was so bloody sore !!! At one point I think she was elbow deep for flip sake!!
 She rang down for another midwife from labour ward to try and examine me.
A wonderful midwife with the most friendly smile arrived to examine me,  she too couldn’t feel my cervix due to the waters in the way. She explained to me she was trying not to burst them, next thing I hear is  “Oh waters have gone”. The midwife looked at me and with a big smile said “Right Kathryn let’s get you up to labour ward, baby is coming now” 
Of course hearing those words and not being drugged up to the eyeballs, the fear of impending doom took over my head. That realisation of “oh fuck there is no turning back this baby is coming out of ME” 

Go Time
By this stage the contractions were very intense they wheeled me up to labour ward, as they were wheeling me up I was feeling the urge to push.
It was literally like a scene from flipping ER, it was a bit of a dramatic entrance on my part into labour ward, as the doors flung open I was screaming HELP ME at the top of my voice as I was getting the sorest contraction, legs wide open no pants on.
I’m sure it was just lovely for all who had to witness that ! 
Arrived in labour room and they  moved me on to another bed, this bed had the stirrups, so I went on ahead and got myself into the stirrups, I can remember the midwife laughing at that. 
It was go time and by now I was pushing, but for some reason trying to fight my body, I’m a control freak but I could feel my body taking over.
All I kept thinking was  – oh my god they can see my bum, and oh my god I’m going to poo.
I mean how ridiculous, but that is what I was thinking.

Due to panicking my breathing was all over the place. Everyone was really calm (apart from me)  it was very peaceful, the midwives were stood back, watching and speaking calmly, so it was nice to know everything was going the way it should.

Another wonderful midwife spoke in my ear on every contraction (with being slightly high from gas and air,  I called her an angel at one point, and told her she was 5 out of 5 )  she gently said “breathe baby down” “push into your bum” she spoke slowly and to the rhythm I needed to be breathing.  As soon as she did that I started to feel in control that I was listening to my body, my body and I were finally in sync working together, and it actually felt kind of wonderful.
I heard them praising me which encouraged me even more  “You are are doing beautifully Kathryn”. “A few more pushes” then I heard the words “On the next push babies head will be out”.
I pushed the longest push ever, my chin on my chest and boy did I push.

Then I heard the word’s  “His head Is out, Do you want to look? ” I didn’t but Daniel went on ahead and had a good look,  since he thinks of himself as such a pro at it all now.
Then with one more push and with midwives encouraging me, saying “Go Kathryn ” “This is it” I felt him come out, then I heard the loudest cry, the most beautiful sound in the world. I flung myself back on the bed I could not believe it.
My gosh that relief along with pure exhaustion is the most incredible feeling
That newborn smell is amazing!
Daniel cut the cord, and they placed little Hugo in my arms, he was screaming and didn’t stop for a good 10 minutes.  I lay and smelt him, he just smelt amazing, cuddled him and kissed him. 
I turned to Daniel and said “What the hell just happened?” We both just could not believe how quick it all happened in total it was half an hour. I arrived at 11pm and Hugo was born at 11.30pm.
Afterwards I needed stitches as I had a second degree tear and as the midwife was stitching me up and I’m looking at her through my legs. We chatted about Saturday night takeaway and how rubbish it is now and how we think on the voice is hyperactive.
Not exactly the chat everyone has straight after labour.
Another daft thing I kept saying was “The baby look’s Portuguese, doesn’t he Daniel”- again I can only blame being high on gas and air for comments like this. 

 Along with Daniel chatting about how ” It couldn’t of went better” and how it was a “Very smooth labour” I thought I was going to punch him 
After all that I got a shower and settled into my ward for the night. The wonderful midwife came and gave me the biggest hug, and said I did amazing .
Sarah or Susan Stitt (sorry I can’t remember your first name ) from the Ulster Hospital if you ever read this you were beyond incredible!! 
Your kind words meant so much to me.
Just Hugo and I
Then it was just me and little Hugo alone together. I love that first night with your baby it’s the most surreal wonderful feeling . It’s hard to believe a few hours before, that little baby that’s now lying beside me was all squished in my tummy. 

Of course I couldn’t sleep I just stared at him, cuddling him, not quite believing that I grew him. A final moment of just Hugo and I before I share him with the world. 

I started to cry  happy tears of course. I told him that I’m his Mummy, that I love him so much, I will look after him always, even when he is a big 6ft married man and  I will never let anything happen to him .
That overwhelming feeling of pure love is the best feeling in the world. 
Welcome to the family Hugo we love you so much. Your dramatic entrance into the world is one I am so proud of.