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I am no expert, I am still learning….

All week Hugo has been feeding differently. I even said to the doctor about it during the week and we were both putting it down to maybe it being the thrush on his tongue, or his vomiting making the milk taste not so nice and to just keep an eye on it.

He was taking over 2 hours to take a feed,and even in that time wasn’t finishing the bottle. This was before we started the thickener for his milk, so his milk was just the same consistency. 

It was only today I realised when we switched to faster flowing teats for the thicker milk that’s what it had been. As he finished the bottle in 20 minutes and looked so happy. 

I felt sooo guilty my first thought was, “If I was breast feeding this wouldn’t of happened”. 
All week he had been trying to get the milk, sucking so much that he was exhausted and falling asleep, then wakening soon after as he was still hungry!
Why didn’t I think of changing the teat sooner? 

My point is no matter how many kids I have, or how many times I’ve done the newborn journey, or the fact I was a nursery assistant in a baby room for year’s ….

When it comes to this parenting thing, I am no expert and I am still learning “on the job”