Just remember….

So today was one of THOSE day’s ,one sick toddler, a newborn super cranky after his jab’s, and an 8 year old with a mountain of homework.
Not to mention we all have cabin fever being housebound all day.

The day was a blur, the kind of day you run on auto pilot, not really thriving just surviving kind of day. I felt as though I had achieved nothing.

When Daniel came home I went upstairs for 20 minutes, ran myself a bath and tried to relax a bit and loosen up the knot’s in my back and shoulders .
The bath and alone time did me the world of good. I have emerged from it feeling like some sort of goddess. Trust me I am not looking like a goddess, more creature from the swamp look going on at the minute.

Then I thought about the day. All the kids were loved, cuddled, fed, washed, dressed, school run’s done, homework done, all the daily house job’s.
I did it all on 3 hour’s sleep, and with no breaks or rest (apart from a 15 min trip to Medicare for Hugo.)
So I think I flipping achieved a lot!!

If you ever have a day when you feel you haven’t done enough or achieved a lot.
The day’s when it’s tough going, you are covered in baby vomit, exhausted and feel like shit.
Take a step back and think about just how much you actually do without even realising. 
Just remember to your little one you are the most important person in the world.
They don’t care if the living room hasn’t been hoovered, if you didn’t get a wash on, or if they haven’t been to the park that day. They don’t judge you, so stop with the Mum guilt.
Just enjoy this wonderful, crazy journey that is parenthood.