My Bucket List

This is a fun little blog post, my list of things I would love to experience at some point in my life…. 
Own a house in Amsterdam, travel back and forth whenever I wanted,and stay for however long I wanted.

Learn a language, I’m not sure which language yet, maybe Dutch. So I can chat to the local’s when I’m living in Amsterdam.

Go on a rollercoaster,as I have never been on one. 

Visit Lake Garda. 

Spend a Christmas with Daniel and the kid’s in Australia,and have a Christmas BBQ on Bondi beach.

Visit Paris get all dressed up like Carrie Bradshaw when she lived there, remember when she dated that horrible man Aleksandr Petrovsky, thank goodness Big rescued her. Sit by the Eiffel Tower with red wine and watch the world go by.

Visit Iceland to experience the Northern Light’s and swim in the Blue Lagoon.
To write a book.

Take each of the boy’s on their own when they are about 11 years old to London, just the two of us. To see all the sights to celebrate finishing primary school, before they set off for big school.

Get tickets to see the Eurovision Song Contest it always looks like great fun on the TV. 

Visit New York City do all the TV and movie tours, eat a corn dog, see a Broadway show, go celeb spotting and of course try to hail a yellow taxi.

Go on a weekend break on my own. No husband, no kid’s, just me. How fab does that sound?

To own a Mulberry Bayswater handbag. 

To go somewhere exotic like Maldives or Bora Bora, lie in a hammock drink from a coconut. 

Find a waterfall and stand under it, like something from a movie or stand behind as in my head that would be pretty spectacular .

Daniel and I to go to Vegas and have Elvis renew our vows.

To be an extra in a TV show or feature film that would be fun.

This is my bucket list so far.  What would you have on your bucket list?
Have you experienced anything that’s on my list ? I would love to hear all about it.