Mummy and Hugo’s 3 month update

Mummy’s 3 month postpartum update

Mental Wellbeing
Every day is different, some days everything flows so smoothly and I feel in control of everything – like I am some sort of super Mum. Other days are not so good, I feel overwhelmed by my role as a Mother of 3. On those days I’m emotional, tearful, and sometimes a bit like a Rottweiler shouting all over the place.
However, I must remind myself that my hormones are still regulating after being pregnant for 9 months. I am overtired surviving most days on 4 hours sleep, and I very rarely stop all day long.
I make sure to take time out for myself if thats a bath, painting my nails, or meeting up with a friend for coffee. Something for me to recharge and switch off as Mum.  We all need to unplug from time to time it is so important for our mental wellbeing. I force myself do these things even if I’m exhausted and I always feel better afterwards.
As Hugo gets older the overwhelming days are becoming fewer and fewer. A routine has fallen into place and the days are more manageable, and that feels flipping great!
Weight Loss
My pre-pregnancy weight was 10 stone 7lb. I was still trying to shift the last 7lb from my pregnancy with Finley when I fell pregnant with Hugo (oops.)
My weight at the end of my pregnancy with Hugo was 11 stone. The midwife said that meant I had lost weight during the pregnancy.
My weight now is 9 stone 6lb so I am a stone lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight.
I put my weight loss down to running around after Finley throughout my pregnancy and now. I mean a day before Hugo was born I was jumping on the trampolines with him at gymnastics club.
What I do need to do now is focus on eating healthier now that things have settled and we have a routine going on. At times I lack energy and feel drained, eating healthier foods and drinking more water will help with that.
Hair loss
Boy o Boy my hair is coming out at a rapid pace! I am shedding like a German Sheppard at the minute. There isn’t much I can do about this, but things I have been doing are:
Using a deep conditioning hair mask every week as my hair at the minute is very dry.
When I am drying my hair, I am using a low heat setting.
Taking special care when washing and brushing my hair that I am doing it gently.
I have been using gentle semi-permanent hair dyes when colouring my hair.
Overall physical recovery
I must say this pregnancy and birth has been my quickest recovery.  I have experienced very little pain apart from the few days after giving birth with the horrendous after pains (third baby after-pains are the most painful thing ever!) I had stitches due to having a second-degree tear but these gave me no bother at all.

Throughout my pregnancy I had dreadful varicose veins on both legs. I had them with Finley and they returned worse with Hugo.
They were sore, swollen and felt warm to touch. I wish I had of taken a picture of them to show just how bad they were. They were still bad a few weeks after birth, that bad the midwife put me straight on the waiting list to have them removed as my whole right leg from my knee to foot was blue with veins and swollen.

However, as the weeks went on they became less swollen and sore. Three months on they have all gone leaving just a few thread veins and a mark on my ankle that looks like a bruise. I can’t believe it considering how bad they were, I thought I would never wear skirts again or even high heels again.
Things that did help with my varicose veins were:
Elevating my legs

Not crossing my legs

Massaging my legs in the evening to help with blood flow

Wearing compression socks

Using Venagal Horse Chestnut gel. This gel was fantastic, it really cooled and soothed my legs when they throbbed. I got mine in Holland and Barrett for £10.

Hugo’s 3 month Update


Hugo’s bedtime is usually about 8pm/9pm and he wakes around 4am/5am for a feed this can vary depending on how early his last feed was. He then usually goes over again until 6am/7am.

He tends to have a long nap in the late morning and a few cat naps around the 3pm school run, and another cat nap around 5pm.

Hugo’s routine is still changing all the time so nothing is set in stone, but the great thing about having Adam, Finley and the school run twice a day is that there is already a routine in place. Little Hugo has fitted into this routine brilliantly.
Hugo is up to 7oz bottles, he doesn’t take 7oz every feed sometimes its 5oz or 6oz he just seems to take whatever he fancies when he fancies it, I just go with the flow and follow his lead.
Hugo has reflux so carobel is added to his milk. It has helped a little, he still vomits it’s just thicker vomit. The reflux does not seem to cause him any discomfort or pain which is good, it is just very messy! I’m covered in vomit most days, but hey it’s my signature look now.
We recently changed to MAM bottles. I must say they are the best bottles I have ever purchased, they are total game changer. I recommend them to everyone.
They have helped with Hugo’s wind he brings up big belches which he was struggling with doing, he also seems to enjoy feeding now. With the bottles, we had before he was eating because he had too not because he was enjoying it and often took over an hour to finish a feed.  As soon as I switched to the MAM bottles he had the whole thing down the hatch in 20 minutes and conked out! A very happy baby indeed!

Hugo is now weighing in at a healthy 14lbs and is in 3-6-month clothes. He is in size 3 nappies.

Hugo can now grab and reach objects, giggle, smile, babble, turn onto his side and sometimes roll onto his tummy.
Hugo loves tummy time, having his tummy tickled and watching his brothers play. He also loves sitting upright on my knee and watching everything going on around him.
His favourite white noise sound is the hoover. The bath is also a hit with Hugo and he loves having the shower on his tummy! Peek a boo and Daddy pretending to sneeze makes Hugo giggle a lot.
Hugo does not like having his nose cleaned, he hates it!
Hugo gets bored in one place now he enjoys being out in the fresh air in the buggy and is mesmerised by the trees. In the house, I try and mix it up with him in the bouncer, play mat, singing songs, and popping him in the baby carrier while I hoover or cook the dinner.

The past three months have flown by. I don’t know if it is because Hugo is my third and last baby that it feels like it has gone in even quicker. I seems like Hugo is hitting milestones quicker than what Adam and Finley did.
With Adam and Finley I couldn’t wait for them to hit the next milestone, with Hugo I want it to go slower and savour every moment.
It is bittersweet, it is the last time I will have experienced the newborn weeks. I have loved every minute of it. The first night together in hospital just the two of us, the amazing newborn smell, the newborn cuddles, the first time he grasped my finger with his tiny hands, the first time he focused his eyes on me.
However I am looking forward to watching Hugo grow, learn new skills and all the fun times we have ahead of us.
My advice to anyone pregnant or if you are reading this cuddling up to your newborn bundle is this.
There is no such thing as spoiling a newborn even though some people might tell you different. Cuddle them, hold them, take more slow days with your baby, don’t rush to do too much too soon. Take lots of photos, lots of videos there is no such thing as too many. They grow and change so quickly and the days and weeks fly by try and capture every moment.