Our Rainy School Holiday Week.

Here in Northern Ireland, the kids are halfway through the school summer holidays. So how is it going for us? I must say it is actually going pretty great! I have explained to Adam that this will be the hardest year of school holidays in terms of organising things to do and places to go, as little Hugo needs fed and needs naps throughout the day. Also, Finley is in the mix too and he needs a nap. It is a bit of a juggle this summer break because the boys are different age groups and all need different things. So, we only have a few small windows of opportunity in the day to do things. Times that work for us is early morning between 9am and 11am and afternoon between 2pm and 4pm. Those are the times that usually everyone is fed, rested and happy.

Adam had been very lucky, he has already had a week at summer scheme and he has been on holiday to Ibiza with his Daddy. However, 8 weeks is a long time and it is impossible to fill every day with a trip or to buy new toys and games to keep the kids entertained. I think you would need a money tree for that! And some days you just need to spend some time in the house getting everything organised.

This week I kept a diary of what the boys and I got up to. I am a stay at home Mum so I honestly cannot afford to spend too much every day, which can be hard especially when the weather is awful! (Hello Mother Nature, it is August!) Sometimes I must use my imagination to come up free or non-expensive activities. I made a list of some activity ideas for us to do throughout the week. Hope you enjoy reading all about our week.


It is a bright sunny morning so the boys and I headed off to the park. We are lucky that there are a few parks close by to choose from. Finley’s favourite thing at the park is the roundabout, he loved Adam pushing him super-fast. By the afternoon, the sky had turned grey and it started to thunder. Adam got stuck into some crafts, he made a robot out of cereal boxes. Finley had a teddy bears picnic in the living room. Little Hugo was very unsettled today so it was a bit tricky to juggle everything. However, the older boys had a great day.


Yay! Sun is out this morning so the boys and I are off on a nature walk. We brought a basket with us for Finley as he loves collecting leaves and sticks, so big brother Adam helped Finley search the biggest leaf they could find. After our walk, we stopped by the play park, Finley loved the swings and Adam ran about the climbing frames. We then sat on the bench and had ate some snacks that I had packed for us, this was good timing as Hugo needed fed as well. Finley was super tired and very grumpy and as we left he had a massive tantrum all over him wanted a packet of gingernut biscuits.
The afternoon it rained and there was thunder AGAIN! Adam played some PS4, then he got out his notepad and pens and wrote Finley a bedtime story. Finley played with his cars, pushing them all around the house while making the noise of a fire engine.


It is another rainy day, looks like it is a day of indoor activities. We started off the morning by playing musical statues. Adam was in charge of the music, he played keyboard. Finley tried his best to stop when the music stopped but he was dancing too fast. Afterwards we went on a rainy road trip of course (for Mummy) we made our destination Starbucks drive thru. The boys got smoothies and cookies and I treated myself to a caramel macchiato, we sat in the car and watched the rain. Adam and I had a chat, then we played eye spy on the way home as it was time for the younger boys to have a nap. Afternoon time the weather was still awful outside so made a make shift fish tank. I filled a tub up with some water, chopped up some sponges into fish shapes, added in some cups and jugs and set it up in the living room. Finley loved this activity and Adam enjoyed teaching him how to count the fish.


Adam has a dentist check up this morning. Finley sat good as gold eating cheese and very excited to see Adam in the dentist chair. Hugo also enjoyed his trip to the dentist and was full of smiles. The check-up was great. After the dentist, we went on a short trip to the park to let the boys have a run about. Hugo was getting restless as he was due a feed. We headed back home and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. Adam and Finley watched their favourite cartoons and Hugo practised rolling across the living room floor.


The boys had a relaxing morning and I whizzed about getting all the house jobs done. Finley woke super early at 5am, so he went for an early nap. While he napped I packed the changing bag and our lunches. Once Finley woke up we ventured into Belfast and met Daniel for lunch. We went for a walk around Donegall Quay then we sat and ate our picnic lunch while watching the boats. We all had great fun and boys really loved getting up close to the big fish.

So that was our week, a very rainy school holiday week. I am hoping the weather improves before Adam goes back to school. Even though the weather was miserable I didn’t spend any extra money entertaining the boys. And we still had an enjoyable and busy week.

What have you been up to over the summer holiday? I would love to hear!