20 Facts about Me

Since my blog has had a little revamp (I hope you like the new look), I thought I would do a fun little post “20 Facts about Me.”
Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while or keeping up with my day-to-day natterings over on Instagram, you may already know a few of these things. For those of you who have just found this blog a big hello and warm welcome. I’m Kathryn and here are 20 facts about me.

1. I hate velvet, the feel and look of it makes me feel sick. What’s even worse is right now it is everywhere! Every shop, every item of clothing, even sofas! I can’t cope with all this velvet right now!

2. I have 3 tattoos a swallow bird on my right wrist which is the same as my Mum’s. 17 in roman numerals and flowers on my left wrist as that’s Daniel and I’s lucky number. Finally a very tacky butterfly tribal tattoo on my ankle, that was my first tattoo and it looks so out of date, but that’s why I love it! We all need one tacky tattoo, right?

3. I hate clutter, in fact I hate having too many belongs at all. It makes me feel stressed out. I love nothing more than having big clear outs and I have been known to accidentally throw out some of Daniel’s belongings that he actually wanted. Sorry Daniel!

4. I am TERRIBLE at maths, I mean dreadful even my maths teacher gave up trying to help me understand it in the end. I still count having to use my fingers and I will until I am old lady.

5. My favourite cocktail is a Cosmopolitan.

6. I am obsessed with cleaning products and I panic when they start to run low. In the world of all things cleaning products Zoflora citrus fresh is the most amazing thing that has ever existed.

7. I love dangly earrings the bigger the better, think Pat Butcher style. I miss wearing them but when the kids stop wanting to pull at them, they will be back!

8. I met Daniel in a kebab shop.

9. Daniel proposed to me in Venice, 5 minutes later the ring fell in a canal.

10. I love the smell of petrol.

11. I love all music from Take That to Metallica to Michael Jackson. However I do especially love 90’s dance and pop music. My all time favourite song is Maniac 2000. If you have never heard it, go have a listen to it. AMAZING and I guarantee you will dance to it!

12. Amsterdam is my favourite place, I have been about 6 times. It is my mission to live their one day.

13.I have never been on a rollercoaster.

14. I have never broken a bone

15. Or had a nose bleed

16. From the previous 3 facts you can tell I’m not very adventurous. You will not find me on any adventure holiday doing zip lining or bungee jumping. I’m a beach and cocktail kind of girl.

17. My favourite meal is spaghetti carbonara.

18. I have had nearly every shade of hair colour. Blonde, black, red, copper, brown. I love dying my hair and changing it up.

19. My favourite perfume is Viktor and Rolf- Flowerbomb.

20. I am a qualified childcare assistant. I have worked in schools, nurseries and preschools over the past 10 years. Although I plan on changing career once the boys start school. I have no idea what I want to do career wise but in a way that’s kind of exciting. Watch this space!

Tell me something about yourself, I would love to hear!


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