Weaning Time!

Hugo is now 5 months old! Oh my word I can’t believe it! Very exciting times ahead for Hugo because we are beginning the big adventure of weaning.

The thought of weaning can be daunting, just when you are getting used to feeding schedules and into routine it’s all change again! However I really enjoy the weaning adventure, it is my favourite stage. Watching babies facial expressions when trying new flavours and textures is so much fun.

We have decided to wean a bit earlier because of a few things.

I think weaning a little earlier will hopefully help ease Hugo’s reflux. Finley had reflux too and the doctor advised us to start weaning him at 5 months to help ease it and it really helped him with his reflux. So finger’s crossed it helps ease Hugo’s too.

Hugo is now draining 8oz sometimes he doesn’t stop for a break! He gets hungry every 3 and half hours. His appetite has changed the past few weeks and he is hungry!! When my other boys started drained 8oz bottles they too were ready for some grub!

He keeps pinching my food out of my hand and licks his lips while watching everybody eat! Yesterday he cried because he wanted the spoon and the custard that Finley was eating.

My Mummy instincts are telling me that Hugo is hungry for some food! We are going to go nice a slow it’s just tasting for the next few weeks to see how he goes.

I plan on doing a mixture of spoon feeding and baby led weaning. Mixing between the two worked great for Finley. I will be making my own puree, but I will also have a few pouches in the fridge as they are super handy on busy days or when we are out and about.

So the plan is, one new fruit or veg a day for first 2 weeks and I will offer this at around lunch time. I will offer him a few spoonfuls after his bottle because milk is still his most important meal and I want to make sure he gets the milk he needs.

Today Hugo had his first taste of broccoli.  As you can see he was not impressed with broccoli at all! His reaction made us laugh, although the great thing was he did go back and taste it a few times just to make sure he didn’t like it. He gave Daniel and I a look as if to say “What the heck was that?!”

I will keep you updated in a few weeks time on how Hugo is getting on with his new adventure into the world of solid food!

Have you have started weaning with your little one? Let me know what foods they like or don’t like. I would love to hear.