My Favourite Five- September

Ahhhh September you have been wonderful. I always look at September as a fresh start. I think it’s with schools starting again and routine going back into place after summer. I also love the change in weather the cooler air and the leaves changing colour. I feel ready to pack away summer clothes and bring out chunky layers, boots and coats. All the change makes September such a fresh exciting month. I feel ready for the cosy dark evenings which of course has been made even better because Strictly started again… yes!

So here are 5 favourite things I’ve been loving this month.

1. Lavender Hair

Since it’s the month of change I thought there was no better time than to change up my hair colour. I love experimenting with hair shades. I’ve been nearly every colour possible and I’ve always fancied giving lavender a go. So I went from a burgundy brown to lavender and I love it! I especially love teaming it up with a dark lip colour like dark reds and purple shades. I’ll be writing up a blog post in the next few weeks chatting about the process of changing from brown to lavender and products that have been helping to keep my colour vibrant and moisturised so keep your eyes peeled for that!


2. Pumpkin Spice Latte

I always get a wave of excitement at this time of year when Starbucks offer up their seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte. I love this drink immensely  and I’m not ashamed to admit I have lost count at the amount I have had over the past few weeks. It is such a cosy drink that screams autumn! Although I could easily drink it all year round.


3. Sling Library

The last Saturday of every month there is a sling library held at IKEA (the comfy seats at back of the cafe) Hugo has outgrown the carrier we have so I thought I’d pop along to the sling library to see the different styles of carriers and slings that are available. I’m so glad I did, the ladies that organise the sling library are so helpful and welcoming. Hugo and I tried on a few different styles of carrier, the organisers go through everything with you, the correct way your baby must be sitting in the carrier, how it should feel for you, how to work the straps. I chose the Ergobaby carrier it is super easy, comfy and Hugo absolutely loved it. Using a baby carrier can feel a bit daunting, but I left feeling confident in using one with all the information I had been given. The carrier has became an essential price of equipment for me especially on the school runs and when the younger boys and I go to Mums and Tots as I can run about after Finley and Hugo is safe at the same time.  Baby carriers are expensive but the sling library is a great place to find the right one for you and your baby  before making the big purchase. It’s just £10 for a month’s hire.


4. Jumpers and Boots

As much as I love summer dresses and floaty tops, when September came I didn’t want to see another summer dress or sandle. It’s that whole feeling of change again isn’t it? It was the perfect time to clear out and organise my clothes and the boys clothes too. The younger boys needed new clothes for the colder weather as they have outgrown most of their stuff, I picked up lovely long sleeve tops and jackets from Asda. I love Asda kids clothes they are super trendy, they have a great choice of boys clothes, and it’s affordable. I too needed new clothes for the change in weather, all my winter items were maternity so I picked up some jumpers from Primark. I was really impressed with their selection they have lots of bright coloured pinks and purple jumpers which makes a nice change for the grey and beige ones I usually pick up. I have also bought a few pairs of boots from Primark too this month. I have to say they are comfiest boots I have ever worn I bought a flat black pair for £8 and a  dressy burgundy suede pair with a chunky heel for £14. They honestly  feel like slippers and when they are  that price I wouldn’t buy anywhere else!


5. Drops of Youth Peel from The Body Shop.

I treated myself to this when I was at The Body Shop bloggers event. I have read rave reviews about in magazines and YouTube tutorials. I had wanted to buy it for a while, but finding out more about the product, watching Jake demonstrate how to use it and the results it produced for the skin, I had to buy it. It has not disappointed I’ve been using this product twice a week and noticed the results immediately. With each use my skin looks smoother and brighter. You only need a small amount of product each so the bottle will last a good while.  I work it into my skin in circular motions and you can instantly see all the dead skin cells skin start peeling away. It is not like a face peel that pulls at the skin when you remove it. It is a gel that you rub into clean dry skin, the gentle motions make the gel transform into a peel. You rub gently for around 20 seconds and then remove with a warm face cloth. It is really easy to remove and after using it my skin feels deeply cleansed. It is like a mini spa treatment at the sink!

Hope you enjoyed reading up on my favourites of this month. What have you been loving this month? Have you tried anything I have mentioned? Let me know your thoughts.