Three days Vegan- Food Diary 

Hey everyone!

Hope everything is going good with you all. I promised on my last post I would keep a food diary of my first days into my vegan lifestyle, I was going to do a week long food diary. However I figured that would be too long for a blog post and after three or so days you would get the jist of the types of food I’ve been eating. Anyhoo hope you enjoy here it goes…. 


Breakfast– 2 weetabix with Oat-ly oat milk, banana and a little dollop of maple syrup. This Oat-ly range of oat milk is delicious and great in tea and coffee. I’ve also seen they do a chocolate version… I think chocolate porridge will be happening when I get that!

Mid Morning Snack– cup of coffee and 2 choc chip hob nobs. I enjoyed this while chilling on the sofa watching Charlie and the chocolate factory with Finley. 

Lunch-  Hummus, avocado on toast topped with chopped tomatoes, alpro soya hazelnut chocolate dessert (which tastes incredible!) and some grapes. 

Family Dinner– Lentil Spag Bol. This  is one of Finley’s favourite dinners. I made Hugo’s with cous cous so he could feed himself easily. I put a little vegan cheese on mine but to be honest I’m not loving the taste of vegan cheese so think from now on I’ll just go without it totally. The boys and Daniel had cheddar on theirs. 

Evening Snack- I picked Hippeas crisps up on offer in Tesco. Holy moly they are unreal, they taste incredible. I couldn’t stop eating them. I’m not going to lie when I say I ate this entire big bag in one sitting. The big bag says it serves 3 oooops but I’m not feeling guilty, the way I’m looking at it is it’s adding to my protein… right?! I will definitely be bulk buying these while they are still on offer. 


Breakfast– 2 weetabix, oat milk and a cuppa

Mid Morning Snack- Tuesday is Mums and Tots day so I was faced  with my first vegan food challenge. When I’m at Mums and Tots I always enjoy a cuppa and a bun or a slice of cake. I prepared for this, knowing I will want a sweet treat so I brought along a bar of Bournville. I skipped the offer of tea and stuck to my flavoured water. So I was still able to enjoy a naughty chocolate treat, while nattering with the other Mums. 

Lunch-  Tuscan bean soup from Tesco with toasted Pittas, a really hearty soup and tasty too. Perfect for a cold autumn day.  I also had  alpro soya coconut and a hobnob. Oops another sweet treat but honestly it’s needed when running about after a toddler. 
Afternoon Snack-  After the school run I had a cuppa and made myself and the boys some banana topped with peanut butter. 

Family Dinner- Veg Finger wraps, beans, peas, sweetcorn and sweet potato.  We were out most of the day so a quick freezer dinner was on the cards for myself and the kids tonight. Daniel works late shifts this week so he had his a little later. The boys LOVE this dinner and I have to admit it’s one of my faves too! It  totally looks like a school dinner but it’s sooooo tasty! I added some chilli powder to my beans and sweet potato to give it a kick! I think I may have been bit too generous with my portion of beans I gave myself way too much! Oh well it certainly filled me up. I was so stuffed I didn’t have my usual evening snack in front of the telly, I just had a cuppa. 


Breakfast- Toast with peanut butter, banana and a little drizzle of maple syrup. I enjoyed this along with a cuppa. I’ve been awake from 5am so I thought banana and peanut butter was a good combo to give me an energy boost. 

Mid Morning Snack– Another day at Mums and Tots so again I came prepared and brought a snack along with me. This time I thought I’d go a bit healthier and I brought a Nakd bar with me. The Bakewell tart ones are my fave, they taste just like an actual Bakewell tart! Honestly they do! 

Lunch- Open Sandwitch, falafel, salad, toms, sweetcorn and hummus. This lunch was super quick and it needed to be! The boys were napping and of course Hugo woke as I went to take a bite- typical! I ate the lot, it was delicious and filling although I think it needed some sauce maybe like a Nando’s lemon and herb type sauce would work perfectly. 

Family Dinner- Chickpea Curry. Ok so I realise with all the hummus and  falafel and now this, I run the risk of turning into a chickpea, but I love them and sure its fine…. it’s protein.  Since changing to a Vegan diet, I have been watching endless YouTube videos for recipe ideas. I came across “The Happy Pear” YouTube channel. They have loads of quick and easy vegan recipes. They have a feature called “5 minute dinners” and their chickpea curry caught my eye. This dinner really was so quick and easy to make, in fact I made it and had dishes washed and tidied away in the 15 minutes before I had to collect Adam from school. This is hands down the nicest curry I’ve ever made full of flavour and full of goodness. I added spinach and carrots and left out the red chilli as the kids were having it too. I served it with cous cous as it’s so quick to make and no waiting about when the kids are starting to go nuts wanting their dinner. This was a hit with all of us even little Hugo wolfed it down. I will definitely be making this again and giving more of “The Happy Pear” recipes a go. Make sure you check out their channel! 

Evening Snack- Naughty treat of chocolate in front of the telly. Not the whole block just 6 squares, then I forced myself to put it away. This caught my eye in Sainsbury’s and thought I’d give it a try. It is really tasty, it is dairy free and gluten free and all natural ingredients. Tastes just like milk chocolate. I won’t be buying it all the time as it pricey but it’s nice as a treat now and then with a cuppa. 

So there you have it, my first few days into my vegan journey, I’m still learning as I go but must say so far I am really enjoying it. One thing I have noticed right away is that my stomach hasn’t been bloated or crampy which would of happened to me every day without fail, maybe it’s cutting out the dairy? I just need to eat more fruit but I’m not a huge fan of fruit.. I am trying though! However for the first time in a long time I’m enjoying cooking and preparing meals something I had lost passion for. I am even getting excited when it’s time to rustle something up! This weekend Daniel and I are going out for a long overdue date night, we are planning on going for dinner, so I will keep you posted on how I get on ordering vegan food at a restaurant. I’ve already looked up the menu and seen what vegan alternatives they have. That’s one thing I’m learning on this journey-preparation is key…… oh and hummus is life!! 

Catch up with you all soon 

Kathryn x