Weaning Time!

Hugo is now 5 months old! Oh my word I can’t believe it! Very exciting times ahead for Hugo because we are beginning the big adventure of weaning. The thought of weaning can be daunting, just when you are getting used to feeding schedules and into routine it’s all change again! However I really enjoy the weaning adventure, it… Read More Weaning Time!


20 Facts about Me

Since my blog has had a little revamp (I hope you like the new look), I thought I would do a fun little post “20 Facts about Me.” Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while or keeping up with my day-to-day natterings over on Instagram, you may already know a… Read More 20 Facts about Me


My Bucket List

This is a fun little blog post, my list of things I would love to experience at some point in my life….  Own a house in Amsterdam, travel back and forth whenever I wanted,and stay for however long I wanted. Learn a language, I’m not sure which language yet, maybe Dutch. So I can chat to the… Read More My Bucket List